The Point-Of-Care analysis is performed through Prolight Diagnostics' patented PLD Micro Flex. Our ambition is to use Micro Flex technology to enable diagnosis with a simple blood test, quickly while the patient is waiting, and with the same precision as the hospital laboratory.

The PLD Micro Flex system consists of test cards and instruments. The test card is pre-prepared with reagents for analysis of the biomarkers that the test intends to measure. PLD Micro flex technology is based on a combination of the well-established ELISA technology in microformat, and flex membrane microflow technology.

The blood sampling tube is integrated directly into the automated process and simplifies the workflow. This makes it possible to eliminate several manual stages, such as pipetting, centrifugation and dilution. With the help of software, test data will be able to be exported to IT systems, including patient records.

Prolight Diagnostics has initially focused on the heart marker, highly sensitive Troponin, to diagnose heart attack. The PLD Micro Flex platform is flexible, with the potential to be used for several different tests or marker combinations. For each test, test-specific cards need to be produced.

PLD Micro Flex’s strengths

Quick and accurate test results enable faster treatment and fewer hospital days, which in turn means cost savings.

Samples do not need to be sent to the hospital's laboratory, where transport and longer analysis times result in additional waiting time, before the test result reaches the attending physician. PLD Micro Flex has the potential to enable the patient and the doctor to discuss the results in direct conjunction with the testing, an advantage for both patient and caregiver. The testing can be carried out at, for example, healthcentres, nursing homes, emergency rooms, or intensive care units.