Vision & strategy


Our Point Of Care Testing (POCT) systems are designed to help healthcare providers make rapid and reliable diagnoses of life-threatening conditions. Early and accurate diagnosis helps healthcare providers to provide effective care to the appropriate patients.

We offer our innovative POCT systems to companies with global sales organizations in relevant POCT segments.


Prolight Diagnostics is developing a new, flexible POCT system with the precision of a hospital laboratory so that doctors will be able to make the correct diagnosis, quickly and safely. The ambition is to offer adequate treatment at the point when the patient is examined at a healthcentre, nursing home, or emergency department, for example.

Initially, we have focused on the highly sensitive Troponin biomarker, which sets high precision requirements and has enormous global sales potential. We also want to be open to evaluating requests from the market to include several biomarkers on our platform, if they are strategically and economically advantageous alternatives.

To meet the requests from potential partners to include several biomarkers in our platform, the Board of Directors decided to wait for a development plan from TTP before investing in the third development stage with only highly sensitive Troponin. In order to successfully integrate all individual functions and further develop the existing POC system with multiplex, planning, additional resources, and investments will be required, together with potential industry partners.


The ambition is that analyses with Prolight Diagnostics' POC platform will offer the same precision as analyses in central laboratories, but with a significantly shorter analysis time. Our system has the ambition to provide an analysis results after approximately 10 minutes. This can be compared with analyses that are sent to traditional laboratories, where results can take hours, even up to days, before being available to doctors.