Technical partnership

Prolight Diagnostics is carrying out the development together with leading technology developer, TTP, The Technology Partnership in Cambridge, UK. TTP currently has around 236 researchers and designers employed who work with several large life science companies. The technical partnership with TTP is an important aspect of Prolight Diagnostics' development work, and ensures high quality according to international standards. Prolight Diagnostics has contributed to the development of the well-proven ELISA technology into a microformat, which has been combined with the Flex membrane technology, developed by TTP.

The further developed combination of these two technologies, PLD Micro Flex, has the potential to achieve equivalent test performance as hospital laboratories, as well as high flexibility and mobility.

TTP is a leading technology development business based near Cambridge, UK. Our 236 strong team work with cutting edge companies all over the world, bringing advanced technologies to market. We are delighted to be partnering with Prolight to commercialise such a groundbreaking diagnostic product.

Matthew Carr, TTP Head of Life Science