A word from our CEO

The need for reliable diagnostics has increased sharply during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the course of discussions with prospective industrial partners, it has become clear that there is considerable interest in moving existing tests from large, central laboratories to smaller clinics with their own small laboratories and POC instruments, an approach know as distributed testing. As previously disclosed in a separately issued press release, the Board of Directors has thus decided to start a dedicated development project in this new field, together with the company's technology partner, UK TTP (The Technology Partnership).

We have previously informed that the development effort with TTP has resulted in four new patent applications. The ownership of these four patent applications has been transferred to Prolight Diagnostics, as previously agreed with TTP. The application processes are now advanced further to international PCT applications (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and national phases. One of the innovative patent applications concerns the direct integration of the sampling tube with the test card.

Another innovation subject to patent application is a test card with an integrated centrifuge. This enables a very convenient workflow in all kinds of clinical environments. No trained personnel is needed to pipette and centrifuge the blood sample. Our POC system makes it possible to offer a fully automated platform for immunodiagnostics. The following schematics illustrate how such a simplified workflow might appear.

The implementation of the PLD MicroFlex POC platform, with the unique integrated centrifuge and sampling tube, also reflects the structure of the workflow surrounding large laboratory instruments from blood sample to result. As such, it is TTP’s assessment that the flexible PLD MicroFlex platform can be adapted to include existing central-laboratory tests from various clinical areas in the POC and smaller laboratory offer, without major changes to the chemistry. For companies wishing to launch their central-laboratory tests in the growing POC and distributed testing market, this makes it possible to achieve significant cost and time savings. POC and distributed testing.

In light of the fact that Prolight Diagnostics has an additional new potential market, the Board of Directors has resolved to charge TTP with the task to develop a new universal test card for the PLD MicroFlex platform, dedicated to POC/distributed-testing versions of existing central-laboratory tests, including multiplex tests. In doing so, we hope to maintain and strengthen the interest shown in Prolight Diagnostics by potential partners.

Work on the new field of development will commence in January. The Board of Directors considers that this effort will increase the market potential of the PLD MicroFlex platform and strengthen the commercial prospects of Prolight Diagnostics. In parallel, we will continue as before to monitor the development of novel technology, evaluating continuously if any of these technologies has the potential to strengthen and complement our offer further and make us a completely unique company in POC testing.

Lund, Sweden, November 2021
Ulf Bladin, CEO, Prolight Diagnostics AB (publ)