Faster, accurate diagnostics for more effective healthcare

An increasing number of tests are being moved from the large hospital laboratories, closer to the patient. The need for safe, accurate and fast tests will intensify. An increased population age and a higher occurrence of chronic diseases means a greater burden on healthcare. It is vital that healthcare finds new, innovative and more efficient ways of coping with this burden.


Prolight Diagnostics’ Point-Of-Care (POC) system is being developed to enable a diagnosis that is more efficient, flexible and close to the patient. The system strives to offer healthcare the possibility to, at an early stage of diagnosis, discern patients who quickly need care from patients who, for example, have not suffered a heart attack. Faster patient prioritisation results in a better patient flow at hospitals, as patients can be diagnosed and treated correctly earlier in the care chain. In this way, healthcare is able to save time, money and resources.

Prolight Diagnostics as an investment

Increased demand for safe POC tests

The covid pandemic has increased the demand for safe POC testing that can be performed close to the patient.

We fill a need in the market

The ambition is to offer the market innovative analyses via POC testing, with the same high precision as central laboratories, but with shortened analysis time.

Correct diagnosis streamlines care

Shorter analysis times and faster analysis results result in safer patient priorities and better patient flow. In this way, healthcare is able to save time, money and resources.

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With the potential to test more biomarkers and multiplexes

In negotiation with several industry partners regarding the company's POC platform, requests have been made to include more biomarkers in order to be able to test more markers at the same time, so-called multiplex.

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POC (Point-of-care)

POC (Point-Of-Care) testing is performed close to the patient, outside the traditional hospital laboratory, making it easier for both caregivers and care recipients. Through a simple blood test, a diagnosis can be determined with a small mobile instrument, where the patient is located. Results can be discussed directly in conjunction with the testing.

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"As such, it is TTP’s assessment that the flexible PLD MicroFlex platform can be adapted to include existing central-laboratory tests from various clinical areas in the POC and smaller laboratory offer, without major changes to the chemistry. For companies wishing to launch their central-laboratory tests in the growing POC and distributed testing market, this makes it possible to achieve significant cost and time savings."

Ulf Bladin, CEO Prolight Diagnostics

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Strengths with Prolight Diagnostics Point-of-care system

Frees up hospital places

Quick and reliable

Contributes to reduced workload

Time and cost effective

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An attractive POC platform

The ambition is for our POC platform to offer the same precision as analyses in central laboratories, but with a much shorter analysis time. The goal with our platform is to be able to provide analysis results after approximately 10 minutes. This result time can be compared with analyses sent to traditional laboratories, where results can take hours, even up to days, before being available to doctors. Faster analysis results can contribute to safer patient priorities and better patient flow.

Our POC system consists both of high-tech developed test cards, which will be pre-prepared with reagents for the biomarker that the test intends to measure, and of an innovative portable table instrument that analyses and reads each test card.

In 2020, we have successfully developed the POC system with the first biomarker; highly sensitive Troponin. Thanks to our new innovation, the blood sampling tube can now be integrated directly into the automated process. Most methods available on the market today require manual handling in some form, such as pipetting, centrifugation and dilution. With our system, these manual stages can be eliminated, and we are able offer a simpler and automated analysis process.

In negotiation with potential industry partners

At the end of 2020, Prolight Diagnostics initiated negotiations with several possible industry partners regarding the company's POC platform. The response from several of these is positive, and further discussions are ongoing. Requests have also been made to include more biomarkers in order to be able to test more markers at the same time - so-called multiplex.

The positive feedback from the market gives a strong indication to develop more biomarkers than the existing, highly sensitive Troponin, on the company's platform. In order to succeed in integrating all individual functions, and further develop the company's existing POC platform with more biomarkers and multiplexes, planning, additional resources and investments are required, together with potential industry partners.